Producer: Mike City

Album: Full Moon

Label: Atlantic

“As soon as I heard the song-Mike City, the producer, played it for me-I was like this is it. No one will be expecting this, it was just new. I was so in love with the song. No one got it but me. It was like nobody got it. I’m like ‘This is it, what are you people hearing?’ I believed in it so much.

“I remember Ryan Shapiro, he was running Atlantic at the time, called me and was like, ‘It looks like you knew what you were talking about. Full Moon is a hit.’ I was like, ‘Yes! Finally somebody is listening to me.’

“It was just different. The lyrical content was amazing; it was so poetic. And the sound of it: I was able to do different things with my voice and not be limited to one particular way of singing. It was so different and people loved it.”