Angie Martinez Tells All: The Stories Behind Her Classic Interviews

Her Take on Summer Jam 2012

Angie Martinez: "Summer Jam 2012 was a spectacle, it probably worked for everyone at the end of the day. I get Nicki’s point but I personally still think she should have performed but I respect and get her point. But, I do get her take on it and she has every right to make her own decisions and it’s fine and the show went on without her.


I get Nicki’s point but I personally still think she should have performed.


"The thing about Summer Jam is that it’s never been about one artist. Never. Sometimes you think the biggest artist and that’s the one they walk out on because it’s late in the night. You never know, it’s a collective of the best out there and some people do better than others and who knows how she was going to do out there. Either way, the show was going to go on, with or without her. It really wasn’t that big of a deal to me personally.

I don’t get involved in any of that drama [with other stations], it’s not my thing. [Laughs] I come to work everyday and I try to do the best I can at my job but that’s not my thing. Some people like it, some people are motivated by competition, some people feed off of it. Me, personally, I really don’t. I don’t like to think about what anyone else is doing."

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