A Warning To People Who Take His Kindness For Weakness

SpaceGhostPurrp: “People tend to take my kindness for weakness. A lot of people have been telling me, ‘You’ve been nice to a lot of niggas.’ Look, I'm not Marquis no more. Let me put the two bunny fingers up, I'm SpaceGhostPurrp now, quote unquote. I can’t be how I used to be.

“Niggas come up to me, ‘Hey man, hey I love your music.’ I was taught respect, so if someone comes up to me like that I say, ‘Thank you and have a good day.’ But if I was regular Marquis, not making music just chilling, they would come up to me and I would say, ‘Get yo bitch ass out my motherfucking face. Who the fuck is you?’ But I tell niggas I can’t do people like that. These are my fans—I gotta show them love. They support me.

“But one thing I don’t like is when people take advantage of my kindness because I am the biggest asshole to ever walk this earth. When I be an asshole, niggas might wanna murder me. When niggas tell me that I'm nice, I say let me be nice because I’ll say some shit that’ll hurt your heart, make it skip a beat. That’s one thing that people don’t know about me.


People who see me on Twitter...if I'm mad on Twitter, b*tch I'm mad for real. People don’t know that. They think, ‘Oh he's a rapper, he's just talking shit.’ No, b*tch, I'm mad.


“People who see me on Twitter...if I'm mad on Twitter, bitch I'm mad for real. People don’t know that. They think, ‘Oh he's a rapper, he's just talking shit.’ No, bitch, I'm mad. Mad is mad, it ain't cyber mad. When I'm mad, I'm mad. On Twitter, off Twitter.

“So when I'm tweeting and I say fuck some nigga on Twitter, when I see that nigga walk down the street, I will fight that motherfucker. Mad is mad and motherfuckers need to know that. I get mad. Everybody gets mad. They’re like, Artists can’t get mad—what the fuck?

“From day 1 to now, I got a long list [of people who took advantage of my kindness.] Karma is kicking them in the ass. And for the last motherfucker who took advantage of my kindness, karma will kick them in the ass too.

“Like I said, if I wanted to be the most sinful man on this earth I can be. I don’t mean on no hoe shit, I mean on some grimy shit. The grimiest shit I ever did, man I’ll tell you in person. I don’t fuck with these phones.

“But I don’t wanna be like that man, that ain't good. I don’t want karma to bite me in the ass. Shit, ask any nigga I know. I don’t call them no fuck nigga to they face. I ain't no coward. I don’t have no reason to.

“What reason should I call you a fuck nigga for unless we got into a fight? I should have no reason to call anybody no fuck nigga. I should have to say, ‘I should set him up and get him killed.’ For what reason? That’s grimy. Niggas don’t know what grimy is nowadays, that’s how grimy niggas is down here though.”