Juice:“A zombie is many things. Smoke to you zombie. It could be, ‘I’m already dead. I’m not here physically.’ It could be a lot of things.”

Meech:“I’ll give you a reason why we are zombies. It's because we re-opened our fucking minds. We reawakened ourselves. Rebirth. That’s what it meant to us when it came down to the decision. ‘Yo, we are zombies.’ We are not saying we don’t have a pulse. I bleed blood. Just understand that you know when they say you die your life flashes before your eyes? You see everything. You learn the grand answer to the biggest question in the world. Pretty much we are saying that we been through that. Second phase. We are here now. We are zombies. That fucking other life is done. I am aware of what happened then. This is a new conscious.

Juice:“Death and reincarnation under God’s supervision.”

Meech: “You can take it many ways and that’s how I wanted it to be. I didn’t want it to be specific.”

Juice: “You have to find what it is.”

Meech:“Because that’s very unfair for someone to say, ‘This is what a zombie is.’ Let the fans decide what it is.”

Erick: “If you define what it is I think that makes it corny. It's what you perceive it as, but we have our own definition of what it is.”

Meech: “Free spirit and an open mind. You are a zombie.”