Meech: “It’s me, Juice, A$AP Ant and A$AP Rocky. We are doing a video for it too. We shot some shit already and we are going to finish that up. Video is going to come out too. People are really going to like that.”

Erick: “It’s very good for New York. So happy about that shit.”

Meech: “It’s a banger though. Ant sends this hot ass beat. Juice plays this shit. I look at Juice, he looks at me. We decide to record. I record my verse. I really like the beat. When I really like a beat, I rap on it like I really like it [Laughs.] Juice records his verse. When he likes a beat, he raps on it like he really likes the fucking beat.

Sent that shit to Ant. Ant was ready to go, he fucked with it hard. He sent that shit back. We bang that shit for three months straight. Next thing you know, we get a little phone call. ‘Check your e-mail, man. There’s a verse in there.’ Check the e-mail. Rocky was on that shit. He just sealed the deal.”

Juice: “Classic.”