Over the weekend in Los Angeles, Game leaked some footage of him and G-Unit rapper 40 Glocc in an altercation. The video showed Game punching 40 Glocc in the face, and then chasing after him. No word on what instigated the whole fight, but both rappers have jumped on Twitter to throw more shots.

In the aftermath, VLAD TV was able to get 40 Glocc on the line for an interview to talk about the fight. 40 Glocc makes it clear that he won't press charges against Game. He also says that Game and his Black Wall Street associates pulled out guns to intimidate him. He even shared some advice while looking back on the situation: “If you don’t got a gun, run.”

"You know, shit. It’s just regular street shit, you feel me? It’s entertaining at the same time. I’m dealing with weenies. I’m solo dolo. If you want a problem with me, let’s get it in. Don’t pull burners on me and chase me down with pistols – it’s just me. What’s happening?"

Listen to additional details about his encounter with Game above, and watch an uncut version of the entire street fight below. 

[via VLADTV]