Album: N/A
Producer: Sa Ra
Label: G.O.O.D. Music

Fonzworth Bentley was that dude by the late '00s. Diddy's former assistant had appeared in many music videos as that dancing extra who just happened to know how to dress well. In 2008, he was hosting MTV reality show G's to Gents and getting ready to release his solo album, C.O.L.O.U.R.S(Cool Outrageous Brothers Of Uniquely Raw Style).

It's first single, "Everybody" featured Andre 3000 spitting another sharp verse and Mr. West playing the soul brother on the hook. While C.O.L.O.U.R.S didn't come out until 2011, "Everybody" gave us a thowback jam that had a progressive Kanye having fun and going back to his soulful roots.