Album: Triple F Life: Fans, Friends, & Family
Producer: DJ Spinz
Label: 1017 Brick Squad, Brick Squad Monopoly, Asylum, Warner Bros.

Pay no attention to the giant Foghorn Leghorn dude in the video—there is no actual bird in Waka Flocka's Ferrari. Waka is a PETA spokesman after all, so the last thing he would want to do is ruffle anybody's feathers. So when Waka raps about "Rooster," what is he referring to? Well he might be talking about a "bird," as in a brick, as in Brick Squad Monopoly.

Except that in one interview, Waka's bodyguards said "Rooster" referred to blow-jobs—you know how chickens' heads are always bobbing up and down. That would make sense since most of the song is devoted to "these hoes." But if that's the case, shouldn't the song have been called "Hen in my Rari," seeing as how a rooster is a male chicken? Of course that wouldn't have sounded anywhere near as cool—there's something about the alliteration that makes this whole song work. Oh well, why overthink it? Squad!