Album: N/A
Producer: Brian "All Day" Miller
Label: N/A

“Payback” is probably the most gangster you’ll ever hear Kanye on a record—which is probably why this one was never meant to be released. Linking with Goon Squad gangster Sly Polaroid and the Go-Getters’ Timmy G, Kanye got real gully, threatening to pop nines and kill adversaries. Sure, lines like “Black strap white handle, I got jungle fever” and “Hit ‘em in the stomach like some sit-ups/Make him push up daisies” sound a little odd coming from Martin Louis The King Jr., but were exciting nonetheless. Kanye out-gangstered the street rappers he shared the track with. You just might want to think twice before clowning his kilt ever again—he’s not to be tested.