"I would never be a part of anything that’s taking anything away from an artist. I fight so hard to give so much to the artist. What I was doing, I was giving the artist 90 percent of their shit. Sometimes, when something is so powerful and people can’t control it, that type of attack happens... That company never got sued for any of those things. You can’t go there and download anything. It’s Megaupload not Megadownload, right? There’s other companies doing ten times worse things than that and they aren’t getting touched. My thing is—time will tell everything. People will see what’s what, who’s who. I’m not going to sit here and answer all those questions. My track record speaks for itself. I’ve never been on track record to be a grimy person or doing anything ignorant. I am in the business of inspiring, so I can’t be in the business of inspiring if I am so-called robbing my friends." - Swizz Beatz, on his former relationship with Megaupload. [via AlLindstrom]