Prodigy: “Run–D.M.C. and LL, it was like a tie between those two. Those are the first two rap albums I ever heard. It was “Rock the Bells” and “Sucka M.C.’s— those two songs—and then I went out and bought the albums. I had my mother buy the albums.

“Run–D.M.C. was something new. They had the big chains and they was real aggressive with it. Run’s style was crazy, just how he spit his rhymes. Same thing with LL, ‘Rock The Bells’ was aggressive. He was screaming. So those songs turned me on to rap music because I’m like, ‘Yo, this is ill. This sound like these niggas is mad.’ That’s how I felt inside because I grew up with sickle cell and all that. So I always had that anger inside of me. I wanted to be Run.”