Prodigy: “She was on some gutter Brooklyn shit. She was just a gangster bitch. She’d shoot the video on the train. She was talking about razors underneath her collar getting into parties and whatnot. It was her beats and her voice, she had a very distinct voice. She was like, damn a female rapper can be thugged out.

“It was her and Queen Latifah, but I was more attracted to what MC Lyte was doing because it was more on some gangster shit. Queen Latifah was more on the U.N.I.T.Y. and on the more black power type of thing. Thats what was going on back in those times—Public Enemy, KRS-One, they was really trying to school the black people about our history and all that. I learned a lot from them. That’s what turned me on to trying to learn about my black history, my culture. But MC Lyte was just thug shit. Throw that on and yeah, that’s that hard shit.”