Prodigy: “He was just crazy. He just had fun. He got a song called ‘Picking Boogers.’ He just do whatever he feel like doing. That’s what I got out of that. You could just have fun with it. Rappers don’t have to be so serious.

“Also Biz’s fashion... everybody’s fashion at that time was crazy. Cause that’s when everyone was rocking Gucci, Louis Vuitton. That’s when all that shit first came to the hood. People started learning about Gucci and all that type of shit. But it was fake. It wasn’t the real shit but it was the hood version. It was what we could get.

“I never consciously thought ‘Biz don’t take it seriously, so I’m not going to take it so serious.’ It just happened like that, naturally. That’s probably where I got it from when I wouldn’t take myself so serious sometimes. I probably got it from Biz.”