A new song by Uncle Murda is out tonight courtesy of Funkmaster Flex titled "B.I.G. Vs. Jay," which attempts to break down which of the two legendary Brooklyn rappers, The Notorious B.I.G. or Jay-Z, deserves to be crowned the greatest of all time. Uncle Murda raps on the track, "If B.I.G. was here, how big would Jay be?/You know how many people talk about that daily?" Yes, it's a discussion that happens on the reg, yet as Uncle Murda points out in the song, it's hard to speculate what would have happened if Biggie was never murdered. Of course, Nas is a major part of the G.O.A.T. discussion too, which Uncle Murda makes sure to acknowledge. Listen below, and feel free to share in the comments section who you think deserves the crown.

Listen: Uncle Murda "B.I.G. Vs. Jay"

[via XclusivesZone]