Frank Ocean was set to collaborate with another major hip-hop legend, Nas. The track, “No Such Thing as White Jesus,” was to appear on Life Is Good. Due to an unfortunate technical problem, the song was lost.

"No Such Thing as White Jesus" was originally planned on being recreated, but deadlines prevented Ocean from making the song from scratch again. In his profile with the New York Times, he broke into the song, singing partial lyrics to what looked like another heartfelt offering. You can read some of the lyrics below, and the rest of the profile here.

"Whatever you do, young king, don’t wind up dead
Young queen, cross your legs,
Put a crown on your head and remove the chain
’Cause even diamond chains are for slaves/Don’t set foot in no penitentiary
And don’t taste the poison Don’t you bail on your families"

[via NYTimes]