Future Plans

“I wanna be a movie star. I don’t wanna just rap, I want to do art, all of that type of shit. I want to broaden my horizons—always be evolving. I’d like to be a funny movie star. Do comedies. I don’t wanna just limit myself to rapping. I’m a funny person, so I want a reality show, a sitcom.

“I’d also like to write songs for people, but more than just rap—I want to write R&B hits. I wanna have my own clothing line called LAD-J, named after my initials.

“I wanna sign artists. I want to get my Mama a big ass house. I’d get her a car, too, but she can’t drive. I want my daughter to go to college, put her through ballet—all that type of stuff. I don’t just wanna rap. I wanna see the world.”