Dope & Shrimp

King L: “The album is nuts. It’s growth and development. I came up with the title last summer, as I’d been smoking weed and eating shrimp all summer long—it’s like a ritual. I love shrimp, I’d eat it everyday if I could. Dope and shrimp were like my two favorite things, so I just named it that. Jumbo shrimp from Haire’s is the best in the city. It’s the spot right across the street from Simeon High School [where Derrick Rose went].

“The original cover of the album had a cartoon picture of a shrimp smoking a big ass blunt. At that time it was just gonna be a mixtape, so we had the funny little cover. But I think we’re gonna need to do it bigger and better for the real album, people loved the original cover so much.

“The project is done, but no project is done until it actually comes out. We had it done when we signed with Epic, but we’re still recording for it. We gotta keep it fresh. It’s pretty much all Chicago producers, but we recently worked with some people out in L.A.—particularly Soundz, who is from Georgia. Shout out to him, though. He gave us some dope ass beats.

“My favorite songs are ‘Goldie with the Pimpin’ [the original and the remix] and ‘Band Nation.’ Those are real boss-like records. We got this one joint called ‘Pack So Loud’ produced by Young Chop that’s a total crossover record. It’s a lot of shit on there.”