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Waka Flocka Flame: “See niggas don't know nothing about that. He ain't have no albums but he was the man. Playa Fly is from Memphis. He was down with Three 6 Mafia. His shit hard as a motherfucker. He was the down-South Jay-Z. Don't never let a nigga lie to you: That's where damn near everybody in Georgia get they swag from, Playa Fly. Straight up.

"Everybody waited for some shit called Fly 2K to drop but I think he got locked up or something. I was in high school [when he was hot] and that nigga was the hardest nigga ever. Nobody was rapping better than him. He wasn't just a local artist. He was down South. Everybody know about Playa Fly. He just ain't get that big break.

"He was with Three 6 Mafia. They broke apart. He was dissing them and all that. Then he got locked up and Three 6 blew up. Playa Fly got out of jail now. He be rapping on Gucci mixtapes. He was talking about snorting powder, all kinds of crazy shit. That nigga the truth man. That nigga hard as fuck.”