Last night, Twitter was on fire after Funkmaster Flex went on Hot 97 and played an hour long phone coversation between himself and Nicki Minaj where they discussed the recent Summer Jam debacle (you can stream the entire conversation here and if you haven't been following the story check out this and this).

Despite the fact that Flex said he'd end Nicki's career on Sunday during his DJ set at Summer Jam, Nicki agreed to get on the horn with him (too bad since we could have gotten a soundboard worthy rant) and they spoke at length about what exactly went down at Summer Jam and Nicki's reasoning behind pulling out of the show. Although their conversation didn't really resolve much of anything, it did provide some great fodder for Twitter users. And although the consensus appears to be that Nicki owned Flex (although its hard to tell, the Barbz is heavy in the tweets) most users had no problem clowning both Nicki and Flex. See what they had to say...

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