Label: Taylor Gang/Rostrum/Atlantic
Released: March 13th

Although Wiz Khalifa's major label debut album, Rolling Papers, was a commercial success which featured several hits and established Wiz as a star, it's hard to argue that it wasn't an artistic failure. Especially after Kush & Orange Juiceshowed us what Wiz was capable of. So earlier this year, when Wiz wrote an open letter to his fans, it read a lot like he was apologizing for making a pop album that alienated his fanbase.

Shortly after penning the letter, Wiz came back with a mixtape named after his old high school, Taylor Allderdice, which found the perfect balance between gritty street anthems and catchy tunes meant for radio. Although it does run a bit long and there's a bit too much Juicy J (we can't believe we just typed those words either), there's no denying smashes like “Mary 3X,” “Never Been,” and “My Favorite Song.” And yes, we can't believe one of our favorite songs of the year featured Amber Rose.