Age: 18
Label: N/A
From: New York City, New York
Active Since: 2011
Twitter: N/A
Best Known Song: "Wikispeaks" (2011)

We just discovered Wiki and his video for "Wikispeaks" a few months ago but right from the start we were blown away. After digging deeper, we got into his 1993 EP (1991, 1993, 1999—jeez, kids these days sure did love the '90s) and later got down with him and his RATKING crew. Wiki hasn't blown up on a major scale just yet (though we hear he may have inked an indie deal) but there's no denying his skill as he hurls syllable after syllable at listeners in a barrage of bars. We're still waiting for that RATKING EP to drop—it's due this summer—but based on Wiki's track record thus far we're confident that this kid's here to stay.