Age: 16
Label: N/A
From: Chicago, Illinois
Active Since: 2012
Twitter: @ChiefKeef
Best Known Song: "I Don't Like" f/ Lil Reese (2012)

Rap fans were still catching up on A$AP and the Black Hippy wave when out of nowhere a 16-year-old straight out of Chicago started catching national attention. There's no doubt that Chief Keef's mixtape Back From The Dead is made for the streets. But his aggressive songs and "Bang!" ad-libs didn't make industry heavyweights shy away from the young spitter.

When Kanye co-signed him and remixed his song "I Don't Like," for G.O.O.D. Music, Campaign Sosa really started catching on. Now he seems to be on the verge of scoring a label deal with Birdman or Young Jeezy. Now there's something to like.