When: 1965 -1980

Anita Pallenberg first met The Rolling Stones backstage at a concert in Munich, Germany. Brian Jones was smitten at first sight, and soon after Pallenberg was living the rockstar lifestyle with the band. Their lives revolved around alcohol, cocaine, heroin, and pretty much anything they could get their hands on. Keith Richards was very much about that life, too, and took a liking to Pallenberg. Despite the fact that Jones had been with Pallenberg for two years, Richards pulled the robbery anyway.

A year after getting with Richards, Pallenberg seduced Mick Jagger to complete the trifecta. The super groupie’s tryst with Jagger was short-lived, however, and she settled down with Richards for 12 years until 1980 when the two were advised to separate due to the tumultuous nature of their relationship. It was every girl’s dream to bed one of the Stones, yet Pallenberg accomplished the seemingly impossible. She had conquered three of them.