When: 1966 -1974

George Harrison and Pattie Boyd got hitched in 1966. Harrison and Eric Clapton were good friends at the time, but their bromance came to a screeching halt when Clapton broke guy code and fell in love with Boyd and spent an inordinate amount of time courting her behind Harrison's back. Boyd and Harrison's marriage fizzled out after nine years and Boyd promptly moved on with Clapton.

Karma reared its ugly head, however, as Clapton had developed a full blown alcohol and drug addiction by the time he married Boyd. To add to the dysfunction, Clapton stepped outside their marriage and sired two children by two different women, ultimately leading to a 1989 divorce. The love triangle allegedly gave rise to a handful songs about Boyd, including Harrison's "Something," "I Need You," and "For You Blue," and Clapton's "Layla," "Wonderful Tonight," and "Bell Bottom Blues."