3. Salt-n-Pepa “Tramp” (1987)

Album: Hot, Cool & Vicious

Label: Next Plateau

Producer: Hurby “Luv Bug” Azor

Peter Rosenberg:“You could have picked a lot of Salt-n-Pepa songs, like ‘My Mic Sounds Nice’ or ‘Crazy,’ but ‘Tramp’ is dope, especially because I remember as a kid, I knew the word ‘tramp’ was a sexist word, but I didn’t understand why girls were making a song called ‘Tramp.’ I didn’t get it. When you listen to this song, it’s kind of in many ways the first feminist song. Salt-n-Pepa were the artists that were always about that. They were bosses.

“Not until later in their career did they talk about themselves in a way where they were the objects. They were the dominant ones in a lot of the early songs. Later on, with ‘Whatta Man,’ and songs like those, it was a little bit different. But with ‘Tramp,’ it was just them talking shit about dudes. And at the time, it was pretty innovative.”