14. Foxy Brown f/ Spragga Benz “Oh Yeah” (2001)

Album: Broken Silence

Label: Def Jam

Producer: Eddie Scoresazy

Peter Rosenberg: “I’m not gonna lie, I love ‘Get Me Home,’ I just thought it was a little bit soft to put on this list. ‘Get Me Home’ you can still play at the party, you just might put it on a little bit early. ‘Oh Yeah’ you can throw on at the middle of the party, and it’s getting set off. That’s one of those records you can start from the beginning, let the intro build, even though it has that slow, awkward start, because right when it gets to the ‘Whayoooo,’ it’s getting set off.

“Foxy obviously had a big moment in hip-hop. That whole Firm time period. She was major. She was a huge star. I bumped into her at the mall in D.C. It was Howard Homecoming weekend. She asked me if I was coming to her show that night, and I said, ‘My Mom won’t let me.’ And I thought it would be cute at the time, until I realized that she was the same age as me. I didn’t realize she was probably fifteen years old at the time. She was probably like, ‘Alright, loser.’ But Foxy is dope, and that song is hot, always will be. Brooklyn anthem.”