Cormega f/ Large Professor “The Come Up” (2002)

Album: The True Meaning

Label: Legal Hustle

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: ““J-Love kind of brokered that. He told me he was going to the studio with Cormega, and I should come through and bring some beats. I knew Cormega from a while ago from Nas. And then everything happened with him getting locked up. But even then, when I met him, it was brief. It wasn’t like we really got to chop it up like that.

“So when I went to the studio, I told him that I liked The Realness and I auditioned some beats. I threw on some joints, and his boy was like, ‘Yeah, that’s kinda tough right there.’ And Mega was like, ‘Yeah, I like that.’

“So he went in, did the vocals, and we mixed it right then and there, on the spot. We did a video for it too, that was nice. Me and Mega work very well together, on some, ‘Get it done, knock it out.’ It’s real smooth when I work with him. It’s real systematic.

“I’ve always been neutral, and was the one trying to [if anything get Cormega and Nas back together]. It was kind of awkward for me, because I would hear this, and then go hear that. But that’s what let you know that there was love between them, because someone like me could go in between them and be like, ‘Yo, I was just talking to Nas,’ or, ‘Yo, I was just talking to Mega.’ There was no, ‘Yo, don’t [fuck with him].’ It was just like, ‘Aiight, cool.’”