Cormega f/ Sadat X, Large Professor, and O.C. “Da Journey (Remix)” (2010)

Album: N/A

Label: N/A

Producer: Large Professor

Large Professor: “Me and Mega were in the lab, just listening to records. That’s how it always starts with me, listening to records on some appreciation shit. And then it’s like, ‘Yo, did you hear that?’ Then I just went in and started chopping it, and caught it. It was ill how I caught it too.

“That was Mega who brought them together. We had the track together, and an original version of ‘Journey’ that was just Cormega. And Mega is just like that; he likes to get other people involved. Realistically, if we got that beat playing, other people can rock. He kind of sets it up for the stage, where if dudes are there, they can get on it and rock. That kind of ‘pass the mic’ thing.

“So O came through, and Sadat. We’re all in the same circle, so you would see them in the studio. It was just like, ‘Come on, man.’ Just to keep it natural, and show people this is how we really rock. That’s gonna be on the Mega Philosophy album.”