What's next?
Besides PeaSwain I can't say that I'm committed to working on any more projects at this time, opting instead to focus heavily on trying to get my music licensed more. The money is fantastic and the exposure is priceless, plus it's always surreal hearing your tunes on television.

A couple of weekends ago someone on Twitter hit me up and was like "yoo, I just heard 'The Groove' playing on NBC!" I turn to it and sure enough, the Red Bull Signature Series is running a snowboarding segment. I listen for a few more minutes and just as I'm about to change the channel the instrumental for "Cafe Surreal" starts playing! So that's two of my songs on a nationally-syndicated program.

I figure this: if people still aren't checking for me on a large scale, I don't ever have to put out another album. I'm already eating off sales from my back catalogue, but if I can get more licensing/sync placements I'd be super straight. For any Bandcamp producers reading this, I just gave you a nugget of information.

There's more I'd love to say about the Jay situation but rather than jinx myself or put the business out there too soon, I'm gonna wait until word gets out officially. Oh, and me and Amber Tamblyn are BFFs now. She heard my Tyrese prank call and wants to go into business together. We may come up with some pro-feminist songs that I'll produce for her, or we may continue pranking poor fools. We're still working out the kinks but for now she went ahead and registered spapranks.com so stay tuned.

Rhymefest and I have been talking back and forth as well. He's supposed to be sending me samples that he wants me to flip for his next project. He's working on two projects, one where S1 produces the whole thing and one other one, but he wants me to help with both. Licensing my music and producing for other artists are definitely on the agenda for 2012.

Are you going to keep doing the prank calls? How about releasing them as a zip file?
If you've noticed, there's been a slight decrease in those lately. Part of that is due to people probably being hip to my hijinks by now and not answering their phone. [Laughs.] But the other part is Questlove himself warning me to be careful about who I prank because you never know what bridges you could burn from people not being able to take a joke.

The Childish Gambino prank took off way more than I anticipated, and an irate Donald Glover hit up Questlove complaining about me. I kinda feel bad 'cause [the prank] was less a dig toward him and more toward Pitchfork but it was a sensitive issue so I can see why he got mad.

I'll continue to do [prank calls] 'cause a part of that ties into the whole "making a mockery of the industry" thing that helped me come up with the Payback album, plus it's my way of exploiting the fact that I'm so under the radar that I can do damn near anything I want, good or bad, and no one will give a shit either way. But I may be choosy on who my victims are from here on out.

I'm trying to get Action Bronson next. I have enough prank calls to compile an album, some of which I haven't even posted on my Tumblr yet, and if there's a demand I'll certainly consider releasing them.

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