Vice and "New York Times" In-School Coverage

“See, a photographer from the New York Times came and captured the story [of Vice coming to film me at school]. It was in their Technology section. That was the first time the limelight was blazed upon my skin, my melanin. [Laughs.]It was painful. I’m not a fan of the limelight. I’ve very reclusive. I’m to myself. So when the cameras came in, it was too much for me. I wasn’t embarrassed, because I was always a popular kid, not to toot my own horn. The limelight wasn’t really anything new, but I like to be low-key. Smooth. On the low. I don’t really like people in my business and stuff like that.


My gym teacher was like, ‘So, you’re an artist? Maybe you should show me some of your paintings.’


“It’s funny. That day, it changed, like, all my teachers started looking at me different. My first period class is gym, so I go in my gym class, and my teacher is like, ‘Oh, so you’re an artist?’ And I’m like, ‘Yeah.’ I guess she had heard the news that they were coming to the school, but I didn’t know that it would spread like that. It fuckin’ spread like a plague. I was like, ‘Damn!’

“So anyway, my gym teacher was like, ‘So, you’re an artist? Maybe you should show me some of your paintings.’ [Laughs.] I’m like, ‘No, I’m a music artist.’ She was like, ‘You’ve got the New York Times coming here, you must be really good.’

“Then, I went to the principal’s office, which I’ve never been in before. I come in to the principal’s office, and they’re like, ‘So you’re the guy everyone’s talking about! New York Times is coming to see you!’ Unfortunately, I had this very bad headache that day. So all day I stayed in the principal’s office, and they were, like, feeding me, and bringing me water. I was getting treated like a king. I didn’t have to go to any classes that day.

“People, at least close to me and my friends, they knew I was rapping. But I guess it changed when they saw that like, ‘Yo, I’m really doing this.’ But they’ve always been showing love. But people who haven’t been showing love before have been coming out like, ‘Yo, I applaud you.’”