“Black Girl Lost” f/ Joel "Jo-Jo" Hailey

Produced by: Trackmasters, L.E.S.

Nas: “It’s just who I am, it’s just how I felt. At the time, I read a lot of Donald Goines books and Donald Goines has a book called Black Girl Lost. The writer just blew my mind and I just had to do a song like that.

“It was an honor to have Jodeci. Jodeci was the hottest shit out, I love Jo-Jo’s voice. I love K-Ci’s voice too but I thought to have both of them on it would be overkill on the record. Jo-Jo was with it, he was cool as hell, he came and did it.”

Poke: “L.E.S. was one of the producers that we were working with. We all came in, and L.E.S. had who knows how many beats, it’s just endless. At the time, we had a lot of hard records. So now, we were trying to make records that we could cross over and show a different side of Esco, and that’s where 'Black Girl Lost' came from, because now, we started getting into the records that we need to get out there to cross over. So that’s how that record came about.

“Who can we find that was hard enough to put on a melodic record, because the record is so melodic, we need somebody hard. It don’t get harder than Jodeci. So we were like, 'Okay. We need a hard singer. Let’s get K-Ci.' So that’s how that marriage came about.”

Nas: “I was still working on ‘Black Girl Lost Part II’ when it leaked. I make sequels to records but we don’t plan to put them out unless they are the records. I was working on a sequel to ‘Shootouts’ and a couple other records from that album too. I was working on another song, ‘Small World Part II.’ I don’t really have sequels, I did ‘N.Y. State of Mind Part II’ so that’s the only one I put out on a record.

“My other sequels never made an album. I never released them because they couldn’t top the first one. If I could top the original then I would put it on an album. ‘Black Girl Lost Part II’ would have originally been on the album but I never got back to fixing it and I’m too busy with other records. I don’t see where it could fit.”