The Beastie Boys are currently in a legal battle over four tracks – two on their debut album, Licensed To Ill, and two on Paul’s Boutique.

Tuf America, an R&B and rap label, is suing the Beastie Boys for illegally sampling Trouble Funk’s songs “Say What” and “Drop The Bomb.” They filed the lawsuit in United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, which was done one day before Adam “MCA” Yauch died from cancer on May 4.

Tuf America is accusing the group for using portions of Trouble Funk’s “Drop The Bomb” on Licensed To Ill tracks “Hold It Now Hit It” and “The New Style.” They also claim that they used the drums on “Drop The Bomb” for “Car Thief,” as well as illegally sampled “Say What” for their song “Shadrach.” These were both on Paul’s Boutique.

Tuf America said they did a sound analysis of the tracks in question, concluding that they did not have permission to incorporate certain elements into their songs. The label also claims that the Beasties and Captiol Records continued to gain profit off the album with anniversary and commemorative releases of both albums.

Tuf America wants a trial to evaluate damages and a settlement.

[via AllHipHop]