Producer: Donald XL Robertson
Album: Nolia Clap
Label: Rap-a-Lot / Asylum Records

Juvenile left Cash Money Records in 2002, then formed UTP, a group which originally consisted of him, Wacko, Skip, Corey Cee, Soulja Slim and Young Buck. They dropped a few compillation albums before Buck defected to G-Unit, Corey Cee left the group, and Soulja Slim was killed. Whittled to a trio, Juvie, Wacko and Skip signed to Rap-A-Lot Records in 2003 and their single, "Nolia Clap," followed a year later. It was popular mostly on the rap and R&B charts, and received a ton of club play. But UTP never had another hit, which leaves them with one-hit wonder status.