PROMO: One of a Kind Music Access: Dada Life

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The One of a Kind Music Access bus, presented by Dr Pepper, made its next stop in Jacksonville, Florida, a popular spot for open air shows.

Complex music editor Brad Wete sat down with two dudes who know how to blow the roof off a joint, electronic group Dada Life. They're known for spraying the audience with bananas and champagne, and warn their fans not to wear clothes to the show. They're also famous for delivering driving, amped-up music, and the video above shows you exactly why there is no other act like Dada Life.

There are still 13 more stops on the One of a Kind Music Access road trip, so keep checking in with Complex for more videos, pics, and updates. You can also keep up with the #alwaysoneofakind hashtag on Twitter for the up-to-the-minute updates.

Also, enter for a chance to win a trip to the last stop in Chicago by clicking below. Good Luck!


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