Wiz Khalifa

Did you see when Wiz wrote that letter where he sort of admitted Rolling Papers was a creative misstep? He sent out this message on his blog where he said he wasn’t as proud of Rolling Papers as he was with, like, Kush and Orange Juice. I was wondering what your take on that was.

Shit, that’s pretty true, if he was to say something like that. I guess if you’re not happy recording the stuff... That’s why I don’t do nothing that I don’t wanna do. Because the success would be awesome, if I ever played the game and did the awesome radio song—cause I could do it, but then I’d always have to do it and I’d be bummed out.

Right now people love me because I’m just gonna come through and smoke, and eat snacks, and talk about video games, and fucking do some donuts and that’s it. That’s all I have to do because that’s what they know me for and that’s why I’m trynna stay in my lane, man. But that’s big, that’s big the homie would say some shit like that man.

Do you and Wiz have any plans?

Yeah, we got all kinds of shit. That’s my brother man. We got a ton of shit nobody knows about and we’re gonna keep it like that till we get hot enough to put it out.

We definitely got some joints though, so it’s all good. And we’re here so much, like when we do kick it we just talk about the shit we hear about us not being cool.

I wasn’t trying to...

No no no no no no no I know, I was just saying this was a good time to be able to say “Hey everybody stop tripping.”

Yeah and Wiz is doing well.

Yeah he’s killing it, he’s killing it. But that shit about the letter, that’s crazy. I got to call that nigga about that, that’s tough man. That’s tough.

It is, and I think people respected the gesture.

Yeah my thing was, I didn’t feel no way. I was just like, I know what was going on, just get your money. As long as you know what you’re doing man, you know what you’re doing. And look what he did—he got megastar status and he was able to tell his people, “My bad if y’all wasn’t fucking with that.” And they still with him. It’s all good, I didn’t change my number on him, so it’s all good.

Whens the last time you met somebody who made you star struck?

Shit, I don’t know man, cause I’ve like always been around shit. Like when No Limit first popped off and shit, I was still in school and all. But C-Murder was like dropping me off like at school and shit. So I never really, you know, bugged out. Who I dig the most, I guess as far as the moves they make, I think Snoop’s like continuously one of the coolest people that I’ve ever met.

Like he’s always awesome and always doing something, I fuck with him. So outright I remember when he sent his verse back for “Pilot Talk,” so that was like a “awe” moment. Cause he said he would get on it, and I was like “OK cool” but people say things, but he came back with it the next day, so that fucked me up. He was like “here’s the verse nephew, I told you.”

[Laughs.] “I told you”

So yeah that would be it.

How did you meet him for the first time? What were the circumstances?

What’s crazy is, the first time I met him that wasn’t even it. I met him in a club for like the Superbowl in Houston, and I was with Cash money. So it wasn’t even about me. It was like, “What’s up Snoop, I’m sure you’re gonna go over and hang with the Birdman and Lil Wayne. Go do that!” You know what I’m saying? Who gives a fuck, you know?

And there was maybe one other time at a studio in Miami, and that’s when I ran it with him a little bit. I told him about No Limit cause I was there and he was on No Limit too but when he was there I was completely not making songs. I was like the little homie. But I told him “I always fucked with you” and now it’s nothing to get records done, and it’s crazy. But that’s the last time I was ever like...

Right, because I’m sure at some point it just becomes...

I don’t even know if it ever really was like that, I was just glad he sent the record. Cause like I told you, I always was around people. Like I’d go to Walmart with Silk the Shocker to get a dog cage and I’m just going to Walmart to get a dog cage cause I had pitbulls and I don’t have a car, I was still in school.

He has a car so he’s bringing me to Walmart to get this dog cage. But Walmart is having a fucking meltdown, and I’m just walking with the dog cage like, “Fuck. I should have caught the bus to get this fucking dog cage.” So I never really was like [starstruck], you know. I don’t know if that sounds crazy.

No, that makes sense.

Got jaded early. Like “Oh, who’s this? Michael Jordan? Awesome. Ay, MJ—good to meet you.” [Laughs.] I’ve never met Michael Jordan though.

Is that somebody you’d want to meet?

I don’t know. Chamillionaire didn’t have a good time when he met Michael Jordan man. [Laughs]. I like the shoes, the first time. The first 2 or 3 times. I’m not happy with the shoes now or the Jordan brand—the construction of them. I just feel like they’re made bad. Like look at the 3s from this year, as opposed to even the time they did the double pack. It was better construction.

Every time they do it it’s a little weaker. If I do meet Jordan maybe I’ll talk to him about that [Laughs]. But I’m sure he doesn’t want to have a conversation with me now. And Chamillionaire definitely waved the banner of “Do not approach Michael Jordan!” [Laughs] So I don’t know, I’ll just admire him from a distance. I’m a fan of the first season of his shoes, and that’s that.

On Dame Dash

Are you still in contact with Dame Dash?

No. Not talking to him, but I hear stuff from his lawyers and his lawyers hear from my lawyers.

How did that situation end up like that?

Shit, nothing ever really happened. Stuff gets sold and I feel like I don’t know what happened on my end. So we’ll see.

It’s a business thing at this point.

Yeah, its business man, I got to do my thing. How could I do this and do all of that? I got to do this.

Right, you make the moves that are right for yourself.

Absolutely, that’s all I have to say, that’s all I can do.

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