The Title And Artwork Of Stoned Immaculate

How did you decide on the album title?

Shit, my love for Jim Morrison, I appreciate Jim Morrison a great deal. Just everything I stand for as far as the aesthetic I try to create. As far as like, my company, and the shit that I do—the cars I get, and shit.

I feel like I try to put that in my visuals. People will say, “It was a stoner look.” They don’t know about The Doors. I’ll say like, “Yo, it’s something that’s timeless and classic—but edgy, so some people don’t fuck with it.” But it’s actually awesome. You know what I’m saying? It’s actually fucking awesome. It’s only for certain people, you know?

Yeah, the artwork is very important.

Yeah you got to see it bro. There’s no point in describing it. You got to see it.

Are you friends with the artist who did it? Or what was the story behind it?

No, but what I was inspired by was this movie Heavy Traffic.


You’re familiar with that movie?

Yeah, it’s the Ralph Bakshi movie. Hell yeah.

Alright cool. So you remember when the homie goes to the theater, by himself. It pans out and he’s in there by himself sitting with his legs over the chairs?


There you have it

So it’s an image from Ralph Bakshi?

No. The same way I told you I would tell my producer [to try and capture that feeling.] You know what I’m saying?

Yeah I got you, how’d you get into in Bakshi?

Man, through smoking and chilling. This one chick put me on to Wizards. My homegirl Sidney. Sidney Steinfeldt from the Bad Girls Club, she was on the Bad Girls Club fighting girls and shit, but she’s cool as shit. She put me on that shit one day in New Orleans.

After that, I had broke my ankle a couple months ago and I was at home healing up, I couldn’t walk. My homeboy came over with a stack of DVDs, and at the top he was like “I don’t know what it is but it looks like something you’d fuck with” and it was Heavy Traffic.

I was like, “See you don’t know about Ralph? I’m about to put you on some shit.” And I put him on and we watched that motherfucker. It was crazy, I didn’t know anything about that movie. I had never heard about it or anything, so it flipped me. And I was immobile that whole month anyway, so I just kept watching it.

And that’s usually what happens with me, I watch a lot of movies to make up for the life experiences that I don’t make, cause I’m working and doing shit. So I watch a gang of movies to make up for what I don’t do. So it impacts me the same way life experience does. So it influences me that much, I’ve seen this that many times, it has driven a whole musical thing.

Yeah, Ralph Bakshi is not a guy a lot of people are familiar with too, which is sad.

I know, and it’s crazy. But that’s what makes it so tight. You get to put somebody on that shit.


And that’s what makes it tight. Once somebody finds it they’re like, “Damn—he did this, this, this and this.” You know what I’m saying? It’s a wonder that somebody could put in so much work and not as many people take notice.

But it’s for the right people. He didn’t make it for motherfuckers that don’t understand it. Them asses wouldn’t have been able to wrap their selves around it anyways. They would have been off-put by some of that.

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