At Complex, we’re known for our lists. So in anticipation for the tape we did the 25 Best 50 Cent Rants. What would you say is the the best 50 Cent rant?

50 Cent:Aw, man. I always have something to say. At that point, I don’t have to rap, I can just express myself. I have so many...On the new tape, I tell her, I say, “If you came in on Bebe’s, you’re leaving on Bebe’s. You have the Christian Louboutin, Givenchy, Alexander McQueen, Giuseppe’s, all that fly shit. It stays in the closet. Bitch! I’ll find another bitch that wears size 7 and a half. Fuck with me. See if I’m bullshitting.” I say, “If she gon’ stay, let her stay. If she gon’ roll, let her roll. That’s it.”


When I’m doing those things, I try to offer something that matches the content of the material I create. So it may be a little more dysfunctional than my actual thought process during a regular working day. —50 Cent


DJ Drama: You know what’s a good one? On the Cocaine City DVD.

Yeah, the rooftop joint. “Don’t go to college. Fuck that. This is the streets. This is where you get your education at.”

50 Cent: [Laughs.]

You should just make a tape of that...

50 Cent: Just me talking shit? [Laughs.]

Yes, for like two hours straight. [Laughs.]

50 Cent: “Don’t go to college. Fuck that!” [Laughs.] It was like, a lot of people I seen make those choices....I’m for college. I’m for education. When I’m doing those things, I try to offer something that matches the content of the material I create. So it may be a little more dysfunctional than my actual thought process during a regular working day but I have to find a pocket. I have to find space to create that stuff for myself because I want to be able to be what I am.

I’m a representation of hope. I’m the reason why you can’t tell yourself you can’t make it, because I had circumstances harder than a lot of people’s circumstances and they see me in a good position. I want to continue to be that.

I want to create a bigger example of what can happen when some of these brothers choose not to be a part of the traditional cycle of going back and forth to the penitentiary and not making changes. That’s the definition of insanity, to do the same things and expect a different outcome.

We’ve been talking a lot about success. Drama’s last mixtape, Meek Mill’s Dreamchasers 2, was very successful. It had 2 million downloads on DatPiff. I’m guessing you’re going to debut yours through Thisis50.

50 Cent: Yeah. I mean, I might use Datpiff, too.

Okay. But there’s no measurement of how many people downloaded it. You were the first artist to make people look at SoundScan, how do you define success for this mixtape?

50 Cent: Another thing is, where are people comfortable making the download? If a person consistently sends their music to Datpiff, they’re going to see all of their traffic go to Datpiff. If they have a platform like, we might have a million since we have 800,000 registered members. So you may easily have a million people downloading it there and then you see what happens on Datpiff or some of the other platforms that actually have the tape there.

I think that you can tell by the things that surface following that. When you put out mixtape material, the DJs understand there is no pressure. It doesn’t matter to me whether they play these records on the radio. But they’re going to want to play these records on the radio because they’re up to standard.

When you hear them at mix show and you hear “I Just Wanna” and “Hands Up” and the stuff that I put out off the last tape, no one’s calling them. There’s no radio budgets involved in that. It’s just something that’s happening organically because you can’t tell the DJ, “This ain’t hot.”

When they hear it, they’re like, “I like this song myself. So I’m playing this one.” They want to hear it, at that point. When I fell in love with the culture, it meant everything to have five mics. We don’t have that anymore. Now it’s like...


People on these XXL Freshmen covers are not relevant.
—DJ Drama 


DJ Drama: MTV’s Hottest MCs

50 Cent: And that don’t even matter. It’s like, pick your friend, this week. Who’s your friend, this week? That’s what Hottest MCs is. And when you say an artist is lyrical, like, “This guy’s lyrical” that’s because artists brand themselves lyrical. They say, “My lyrical ability. My this... My that...” And they make people look at them that way because that’s their messaging point.

DJ Drama: People on these XXL Freshmen covers are not relevant.

50 Cent: Yeah. Think about this. Banks does it. He calls himself the PLK, punchline king. Other artists have their own little slangs that connect them to having lyrical ability.

Well, you did call yourself the SoundScan Killer.

50 Cent: SoundScan Killer. There I go. And those are just based on the facts. Look at the numbers. It’s interesting when things shift. Again, each artist, if they have a long enough career, they have those peaks and valleys and you get a chance to see things change, momentum-wise, and you see the changes go back. If they maintain their focus and work hard enough, by some point, artists start to find new things that interest them. Their passion is in another area, so they’re doing something else.

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