You used to date Justin Timberlake?

You can’t be surprised that people are interested.
No, I know, but we weren’t all serious or anything.


Quentin did all the scenes with me. He bit me and left bruises, so I just socked him!


Is it true that you are both excellent dancers?
He’s better than I am, but we didn’t have a dance-off.

What’s your favorite thing about not dating Justin Timberlake?
What is that question? [Laughs] Wait, you’re confusing me. Say that again please?

Your favorite thing about not dating him?
I don’t know how to answer that.

Is there anything you’d like to ask me?
Yeah, how old are you?

Oh! So you’re younger than I am.

How old are you?
31. What sign are you?

So is my boyfriend, Josh [Duhamel, actor]. I get along with Cancers. I’m a fire sign.

Does your man like to stay in a lot?
We do like to stay home. He’s not the big out-on-the-town scene guy. I love to stay home and watch movies. It’s perfect. We had a lasagna cook-off one night.

Who won?
He won [Laughs]. I was the better bluffer, though. I was dicing and slicing and bragging, but mine came out really soggy. I put in too much cottage cheese.

Will there be a rematch?
Yeah, I’m not gonna lose again.

Aside from a lasagna showdown, what’s next for you?
Being on tour. Finishing Grind House. After that I’m gonna see where I’m at.

How’s working with Tarantino?
Amazing! I’m actually in Robert’s half of the double feature, but Quentin came down and did all the scenes with me. He bit me.

He what?
He bit me and left bruises, ’cause there was a scene that called for me to be attacked.

Did you bite back?
No, I just socked him.

So you suffer for your art.
Oh definitely. I like that.

Um, one last question. Sorry, I know it’s embarrassing—but did you pee your pants on stage in San Diego?
Oh no, you have to ask me. It’s just one of those embarrassing moments. I know you have to ask me, but I’m not going to go into it [Laughs].

ADDITIONAL CREDITS: (STYLING) Daria Hines/ (HAIR) Thomas Dunkin/The Wall Group. (MAKEUP) Fiona Stiles/The Wall Group. COVER AND FIRST IMAGES: Top by Polka Dots and Moonbeams / cardigen by Boden / panties by Araks / stockings by Agent Provocateur / heels by Cesare Paciotti. SECOND IMAGE: Dress by Corey Lynn Calter / heels by Cesare Paciotti / bracelets by The Way We Wore / ring by Rafinity. THIRD IMAGE: Bathing suit by Bill Blass / heels by Rodo / rings by Rafinity. FOURTH IMAGE: Vintage bathing suit by Norma Kamali / jewelry by Rafinity / heels by Cesare Paciotti.

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