So you believe in God?
Definitely, but I believe we don’t know what that is.

You’re non-denominational?
No, I’m Catholic.


I'm a big flirt, but I don't give it away every time I want to. I guess I'm a tease.


Catholicism has a pretty clear picture of what God is.
I’m not a judgmental person, you know? I love everyone for who they are. I don’t care if they’re Catholic, Buddhist, Muslim—whatever.

Has anyone ever asked you if you were the Antichrist?
No. I’ve never heard that question before in my life.

Okay. Are you the Antichrist?
No [Laughs].

Oh good. Have you ever met him?

Maybe in a substance form.

So…Is London Bridge your underwear?
Excuse me? Well, I made a conscious choice not to  explain what it means. So you can try and try but you’re not going to get it out of me.

Okay. When you filmed that video, did you go to the London Dungeon?
No comment on that one.

Why? London Dungeon’s a normal tourist attraction.

Okay. Excluding your bandmates, Biggie, Jay-Z, and Nas, who are your favorite MCs?
Why did you exclude them?

Because that’s who everyone lists.
I love Roxanne Shante. She took on all the female MCs. Not that I’m trying to be a battle MC, but if I excluded that style from my album, it wouldn’t truly represent who I am. This album is about truth.

Truth because it’s coming from your heart?
Everything I do comes from my heart. But this one is really introducing my personality to people. And it was very important to me to put all the lyrics in the packaging because sometimes when I sing I emulate instruments, so you can’t really understand what the words are, but I think if I were to pronunciate more, it would take away from the feeling.

What advice do you give to women regarding sexuality?
Don’t give it all away. Men will respect you more. But I don’t think there’s anything wrong with flirting.

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