Steve had the brightest idea of the year
He said, “Why don't we sell it?” I yelled "Yeah."
That's being focused.
We all agreed, no fuss,
That shouldn't be so tough
That's when my moms woke up.
She said, "Boy
Why you makin’ all this noise?
And who's this company you havin' in
My house?" Clearly, she was annoyed.
I said, "You know my friends." Steven played with the toys.
She looked over at Juice,
And said, "Oh, I remember you"
And closed the door to her room
I said, "Whew...
Now to the roof!"

I was eager
And flew out the door with no sneakers,
Then doubled back and put on some Keds and a Le Tigre.
Now we had a plan
It was as clear as Saran,
We could sell the gun to Dan
He was the number man.

He would buy it
And then it got all quiet
And something urged us to try and see if it fired.
I thought out of thirst, about saying, "Me first"
But I didn’t.
Steve said, “Let me see it a minute.”
He said, “My brother showed me how to load it,” and he did it.
Then Juice said he'll do it.
We knew it.
He was the biggest.
So he lifted and aimed it
Pulled the trigger, it banged, it
Like an explosion, my heart pounded.

The anxiety quickly fizzled
When somebody across the street looked up from their window
So we stashed it
Dashed and,
Ran while we were gasping.
Steve almost fell down the steps, but kept from crashing
We reached the first floor landing,
Did the man thing,
And slowed down
and walked out the building, with no sound.

Now we're sitting on the stoop
Not even thinking about all the commotion that we caused on the roof
And the fact someone just might have heard all of us
But we perished the thought, and chose to ignore it.
It was time to put our scheme into motion
But I could tell by the look Juice had, that he was open.
We had to figure out the amount of money to charge Dan quick
We thought about it over some Fun Dip.

Juice said, "Why don't we keep it?”
Three kids?
The cops rolled by, we guessed they didn't see what we did.
I said, "No way,” we couldn’t go that route
And then I added, “we can't keep it in my house."
Steve said, “Or mine'
Juice said, “Ya’ll lyin',
And if y'all don't want it, then I guess it's all mines.”

It didn't amaze me, he was crazy,
Hence, you would say some cents short of a dime.
We both dismissed his suggestion and thought it funny
We all had found it, and we all wanted the money.
I had told him that somebody died,
And we had to get rid of that or it'd be our hides.
Start high on the price, then let Dan decide
There it goes, and there's Virgil and O. "Let's hide!"

Giggling, we sprung out of our hiding space and gave chase,
Steve said, “Let's go and see Dan, before it gets late.”
Virgil and O weren't around to know,
So we filled them in on our way to the number hole.
O said "Man
Did it hurt your hand?”
He was asking about when Juice fired it.
He admired it.
Virgil was the most serious out of our crew
He said, “The cops were questioning people in his building too
Then I told him abut when we ran after Juice shot
Then I spit my gum out, and went in the numbers spot.
They were kind of hot
and got closed down a lot,
So we knew to ask the man if he had seen Dan or not
And to watch out for the cops!
Smoke came out the slot,
when he said he 'd be back at seven o'clock.

Should we wait?
Was what we had to debate
It was an easy decision
’Cause he was our only customer.
We turned around and retreated,
Feeling defeated.

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