Now on the other side of town
Lived Leroy Brown
He was like one of the baddest, his status was renowned
It was said he ruled his turf with an iron hand
They said he’d bend brass, chew glass and spit sand.

Leroy was on the run
For something else he’d done
He used to disrespect his girls and his men for fun
He was a real class act
Who ruled the gladiator school year
And he was who he was, ’cause he instilled fear.
In anybody, anyone trying to make noise
You tried to sit up with your boys
There goes Leroy.

Word was
He had started selling heavy drugs
And was unsocial to the local thugs.

Dudes tried to set him up
Leroy had wet ’em up
one got killed, others were hurt
but it all boiled down
to Leroy becoming hard to be found
And all drama my momma was talkin’ ’bout.

Now, I'm young and still knew the story
It was the talk
Of the block
But they didn't know we caught the piece in the park
That day
I wondered if the cops knew we had the gun, would they haul us away
But hey,
Who is to say that was the murder weapon anyway?
Everything might be okay.

This was all racing through my mind in the twilight of sleep
I was awakened by the alarm beep.
The next afternoon was a Saturday in June
I remember it was hot and I was watching cartoons
I heard a knock on the door, a chair gave me a boost
Looked through the peep hole, it was Steve and Juice
I let ’em in and said, “Be quiet my my moms is sleeping!”
We were like little men
I didn't know where to begin.
I just said "Somebody wound up dead.
The cops was here asking questions last night and I guess
It was about the person that did it.”
Steve shook his head,
I don’t really know, I just went ahead to bed.

Now Juice was loose
He wanted to be the Gooch,
He suggested we take the gun and put it to use
He said we could wave it around
On the playground
It would step up our reputation
According to him.

The thought was appealing
As I stared into the ceiling
Daydreaming about what I thought was drug dealing
Then I thought, wait, we might be moving too fast
My mother would kick my ass
I had to laugh.
It was one thing to be hard-headed and unruly
But I know I'd be finished if moms caught me with a toolie
Steve had an expression of fatigue
He was more interested with cartoons on Channel Three
So I turned to Channel U,
And said,"What's wrong with you,
If anybody catches us with that gun, we're through.

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