Coco’s 8 Rules For Keeping Your Rapper Happy Illustration by Cliff Mott.

Soft Skull Press will soon release Judy McGuire's The Official Book of Sex, Drugs, & Rock 'n' Roll Lists. The book reads like a more rocked-out version of ego trip's Book of Rap Lists (or as it's known around these parts, The Bible). Broken into three parts (sex, drugs, and umm... rock 'n' roll) it's jammed with the kinds of lists Complex lives for, like "Keith Richards' 12-Step Guide to How the Very Wealthy, World Traveling, Superstar Junkie Gets His Fix in New York City" and "Erin Bradley's 10 Most Iconic Crotches in Rock History," not to mention "10 Hip-Hop Songs Rich Juzwiak Masturbated Along to as a Teenager in the Early '90s (P.S. He's Gay!)" 

But there was one list that really caught our eye: "Coco’s 8 Rules For Keeping Your Rapper Happy" written by Coco Austin. The Ice Loves Coco star—who's been married to legendary rapper Ice-T for over a decade now—provided some first-hand advice on how to treat a man. But really, her advice applies to anyone in a relationship. Check out what she had to say...

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