I’m sure he’d be pleased to know you said that. That might make his life! 
It’s nice to know someone’s checking you out.


My stomach is the sexiest part of my body. But of course, I'm trying to be a booty girl. I would like to have more ass. Whenever I work out I try to keep the bubble.


You obviously don’t mind being sexy.
No. It’s a part of me I want people to see. With my first single, “AM To PM,” I was just this cute 18-year-old. But “cute” didn’t get me older roles, and “cute” wasn’t selling records. I wanted people to see that I’d grown up so I did “Dip It Low.” 

I guess there’s a bit of an Olsen Twins factor with you because you grew up in Hollywood.
Yeah. I started with Disney. I was someone people knew. 

And then one day…
People said, “Oh. Christina grew up.”

Who was the first person to notice it?
Me. I definitely felt sexier as I was seeing my body change. 

What’s the sexiest part of your body?
I would say my stomach when it’s in shape. Right now I just came off tour and have a little work to do. Of course, I’m trying to be a booty girl. I would like to have more ass. 

I think we all would. 
Whenever I work out, I try to keep the bubble. [Christina gives “the bubble” a firm little slap.]

Whoa. That almost made me pass out. You declined a role on the Mickey Mouse Club, which spawned Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears. As they started making it big, did you think, Oh shit! What have I done?
Yeah. I used to wonder. But I said no because my grandma was sick and that would have taken me away to Florida. Family had to come first.

Who’s the most famous guy who ever hit on you?
It’s been mostly musicians. Nelly hit on me. I’m not trying to be cocky, but there’s only a small group of girls in the music business so every rapper wants to date them. A lot of rappers have hit on me. I wasn’t dating anyone at the time so Nelly was able to get my number.

Who’s the most famous guy you ever hit on?
I don’t hit on guys. I thought The Rock was hot but I never hit on him.

So you like big guys?
I used to. My father was a bodybuilder so growing up I had crushes on Arnold and…what’s his name? Freakin’ Rocky. Now those guys are too bulky for me. The Rock is about perfect, though. 

Steven Tyler, John Travolta, The Rock…that’s pretty much everyone in Be Cool. Maybe just wearing a costume gets you hot.
You know? I do tend to buy a lot of that stuff. 

Well, lingerie. Not like, Snow White.

No Sexy Santa’s helper?
No. I wear nice things for my man.

ADDITIONAL CREDITS: (STYLING) Simonez Wolf. (HAIR) Randy Stodghill. (MAKEUP) Cheryl Garcia. (SET AND PROP DESIGN) Damaris Dragonas. COVER AND SECOND IMAGES: Jacket by Dr. Romanelli for Nike / bikini bottom by Lekeia Varlack / shoes by Charlene "Urban Couture." FIRST IMAGE: Swimsuit by Leekeia Varlack / dress by Jeremy Scott / shoes by Charlene "Urban Couture" / necklace and bracelet by Metal Pointu's. THIRD IMAGE: Top by Cache / bottom by Versus / shoes by Norma Kamali / earrings and ring by Lena Wald / cuffs by Santiago for Zaldy.

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