Take a space sex odyssey with sultry Cuban-American actress and singer Christina Milian as she discusses her body of work—and her body.

This feature originally appeared in Complex's February/March 2005 issue. 

After you take away the orchestrated outfits, flawless makeup and strategic lighting, some stars look just like normal people. Christina Milian isn’t one of those. Even if you don’t know she has a hit single, “Dip It Low,” and a slew of feature films coming out this year, her star quality is apparent. Yes, part of it is the fact that she’s orbited at all times byher sister Elizabeth and her two yipping, diva lapdogs Baby and Missy. But most of the former Disney junior journalist’s shine comes from the sun reflecting off the gazillion diamonds that drip from every jewelry-supporting part of her body. Mike, the barista at the Studio City Starbucks where Christina meets Complex to talk, says it all—he utters a soft yet telling “Yo” as she pushes open the door.

So…you appear to have some jewelry on. 
Yeah. I guess I bling a little. 

What have you got going on here?
My best friend…boyfriend…gave these to me. Believe me, I’m too frugal to buy jewelry like this. 

Who’s this friend?
His name is Nick Cannon. He’s a very close friend. 

How close?
We’re…definitely dating.

We are?

What happens inside you when a man gives you jewelry like this?
To me it’s more important that someone thought of me. I’ve never been big on gifts. 

Come on, everyone’s big on gifts.
Well, of course. But even if it’s just candy I’m like, “Yeah! Whoo!” I’m not one of those girls who gets with somebody for the jewelry. 


I’m an all-around entertainer. I have 13 years in the game.


Does it ever get old? Do you ever get a new ring and go, “Come on! Enough already.”
No. Because he mixes it up. He’ll buy me, like, a dozen cards as a present.

A dozen cars?!
No, cards! Not cars.

Oh. What’s up with the cars, though? Doesn’t he love you? 
Yeah! What the hell? 

You traveled a lot as a kid, right?
Yeah. My father’s in the military so we moved a lot. I was born in Jersey but grew up in Maryland until we moved to L.A. to pursue my acting career. Music came into it after that. 

So you’re an actress turned singer turned actress?
Exactly. I’m an all-around entertainer. I was in musical theater when I first started, so there was always both acting and singing. But as far as getting a record deal, that took time. The majority of that time I was acting.

How old are you and how long have you been doing this?
I’m 23. I’ve been in show business for 13 years.

You have 13 years in the game?
Yeah. I have 13 years in the game. 

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