Her First Record Deal

Rita Ora: “I got a production deal when I was 14 with this producer Martin Terefe, he’s done music for Jason Mraz’s, James Morrison, he’s more of a guitar-based producer. When I signed to the production deal, it was a small amount of money. I used to go there after school and just sit there, work with him and just kind of get the vibe of it.

“During those two years is when I met Craig, because Martin was working with Craig. I was meant to just demo the song for Craig but it ended up that I stayed on the track, which was really cool and that’s how it got started.

“When I was 16, I didn’t feel I was right at that record label. I felt like I was going in a different direction so I didn’t extend the deal. I met a few A&Rs through that two-year deal and they remembered me. I met one A&R named Brynee who remembered me and she’s the one that introduced me to Jay Brown and the whole Roc family.”