Album: Daily Operation
Producer: DJ Premiere and GuruAlways raising the rhythmic bar of what constituted great rap records, b-boy perfectionists DJ Premier and Guru were no joke when it came to making masterful tracks. For two dudes not originally from New York City, these brothers from different mothers adapted to the city's grit, grime and gruffness and translated their experience into some of the hardest tunes of the 1990s.

Along with DJ Muggs, Tricky and RZA, our man Primo was on top of the heap. Recording at the legendary D&D Studios back when insiders joked that the initials stood for “dirt and drugs,” nobody made records like these dudes.

On “Take Two and Pass,” the late great Guru unleashes an ill flow that's the vocal equivalent of an Abel Ferrara film as he rolls through the maddening metropolis while rolling up. “'Take Two and Pass' is the greatest ode to blunts since (the first) Cypress Hill album,” former Source scribe Chris Wilder wrote in 1992. Twenty years later, this track is still banging.