Album: Super Fly (Soundtrack)
Producer: Curtis MayfieldWearing eyeglasses and strumming a guitar, 30-year-old singer/producer Curtis Mayfield appeared with his band in the landmark Blaxploitation film Super Fly (1972), for which he also did the soundtrack. Not only was this funky groove a perfect smoking soundtrack, but it was about the man who's always there saying "have some coke, have some weed."

“Technically, 'Pusherman' was the first song we recorded,” guitarist Craig McMullen recalled forty years later. “Unlike the rest of the album, which we recorded back in Chicago, 'Pusherman' was done in New York City during the same time we came to film our cameo.”

When a journalist asked Mayfield about puffing, the singer who made a point of saying he was never "a victim of ghetto demands," confessed: “I smoked herb. I didn't do nothing until I was 27 years old and smoking herb didn't seem like a heavy cost to pay to cure my curiosity.”