Album: Changes
Producer: Augustus 'Gussie' ClarkeOne of Jamaica's veteran vocal groups, The Mighty Diamonds have harmonizing as a trio since 1969 and they're still going strong. In 1981, building a new track from the 1968 riddim track “Full Up” made famous by Sound Dimension, the Diamonds version "Pass The Couchie" (meaning pass the ganja pipe) became a hit in both Jamaica and England.

Played at sound systems and discos, the song was covered by the following year by reggae-lite rugrats Musical Youth. At the insistence of their producer Peter Collins, the “kouchie” became “dutchie” and in a flash, the weed turned into food. Yet, while “Pass the Kouchie” was a cult classic at best, the Youths became one-hit-wonder superstars who went on to shoot a video with Donna Summer before disbanding.