Album: This Is Not A Test!
Producer: Missy Elliot and TimbalandThey'd been making the same cigars since 1911, so the folks at Dutch Masters must've wondered what was up when their sales started spiking in the mid 1980s. Suddenly, if you were not rolling White Owls or Philly blunts—which, as rapper Guru observed, “burn much quicker”—then Dutch Masters was the other primary wrap.

The bugged beat of “Pass that Dutch,” produced by Miss E and her studio homie Timbaland, bounces like a cartoon ball. The video, featuring blunt master Busta Rhymes roaring like a dragon, was directed by Dave Myers (biting the trademark Hype Williams style) and shows dancing scarecrows and a newly thin Missy driving a truck full of man-eating (literarily) BBWs.