Album: Crying Time
Producer: Joe AdamsEver heard some weed seller claim his smoke was so good it would make Ray Charles see? Well, if brother Ray were still walking the earth, I would say "prove it." Indeed, any of us who watched Jamie Foxx in Ray knows that that piano-playing, gospel-wailing, blues-screaming soul man wasn't playing around when it came to smoking a little somethin'-somethin'.

On “Let's Go Get Stoned,” which came out during the mid-60s when long-haired freaks and short-haired sneaks began puffing as though bud was legal, Charles has no problem getting' his buzz on. Covered by Joe Cocker at Woodstock, “Let's Go Get Stoned” was an early writing credit for Ashford and Simpson, who initially met at White Rock Baptist Church in New York City.

Stone, rock, do you see the connection? The song was later dissed by former Vice-President Spiro Agnew, who thought it and other songs put drugs in “such an attractive light, that for the impressionable, turning on becomes the natural and even the approved thing to do.”